SA Trails


SA Trails offers livery to private clients at our premises situated next to Northern Farm Nature Reserve.

Horses homed with us enjoy a very natural and relaxed lifestyle, with lots of space and grazing. As owner, you will have a choice to integrate your horse with the natural herd; or to have him/her paddocked individually (or with a companion or two).

Our paddocks are spacious with access to natural water and are kept in tip-top condition at all times. We ensure that our paddocks are continuously maintained with grass growing all year round. This ensures that your horse has a natural diet and is in support of our belief that horses should enjoy a very natural lifestyle. Horses are kept the way nature intended; outside 24/7 with plenteous shelters. Our aim is to create a place where horses get to be just that - horses.

The care of all the horses on our property are taken very seriously, as they all become part of our very large family. We believe that there are no unhappy horses with us. Our staff have all been employed based on our principles mentioned and have a passion and natural interest in the care of horses.

All horses are groomed every morning and evening, and undergo thorough inspections. Our team is trained to treat any minor injury. We try and ensure that your vet bills are kept at a minimum, while still keeping your horse’s best interest at heart. Horses are fed two meals a day according to individual requirements. We also trim horses’ feet, provided they are not shod. This reduces farrier costs significantly.

We have a team of knowledgeable trainers and riders available to school and ride your horse. You will therefore never have to worry that your horse is not getting the mounted attention and exercise he/she needs and deserves. This is especially convenient in the event that you are unable to ride due to work or time constraints, or while you are on holiday.

Our current livery price is

R2, 900 per month.

You are welcome to contact us for more information or to schedule a viewing of our livery yard.

We look forward to welcoming you and your horse to our family.

SA Trails also offers private instruction and training of horses in the Western style of riding. We have a variety of lovely horses available for lease.