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SA Trails provides lessons to riders of all ages and levels of experience in the Western style of riding. We offer a comfortable learning environment and are committed to helping riders achieve their riding goals.

Our competent and experienced trainers are able to teach every level and type of rider. They convey instructions and directions clearly and always talk to students respectfully. Our patient trainers adapt their style of coaching to suit each individual rider and horse, thus ensuring both are happy and relaxed, yet continue to improve.

We have a variety of very happy and friendly Western style trained horses. We pair our horses and riders to create a pleasant and stress-free experience for both. As our students improve, we match them with horses according to their ability.

Our passion and core discipline is trail riding and we are proud to share that our trainers are champions in Extreme Equestrian Trail and Obstacle (EETO) riding. This discipline is associated with the South African National Equestrian Schools Association (SANESA) and are therefore included in school equestrian teams. National colours are also being awarded in this discipline.

We therefore cater for recreational riders and riders that have a competitive nature. Our afternoon children’s lessons focus on teaching the necessary trail riding skills. Very often children who take up equestrian riding as an extra-mural activity do not enjoy the conventional English style of riding, yet excel in this exciting, more relaxed style.

Of course, our horses love it too! They enjoy crossing streams, jumping over logs and showing how brave they are, wondering through the bush and facing trail challenges. Our horses are, as the saying goes, ‘bomb-proof’.

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